and it’s go girls go!

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and it’s go girls go!

this stuff ain’t no joke! 2 classes and i’m worn out. haven’t even read. began work today. now i’m off to sleep. i’ll wake up early and read. it’ll be quite the adventure. it’s amazing to have so much to do and yet know it’ll all get done!

one step at a time…. : )

i had a great chat with two girls today. one’s in seminary. one’s doing a religion BA. both were such great sources of encouragement. the Lord knew i needed that. this journey is already amazing, filled with good and bad. faith is key!!!!!!!!!!!!

till later…

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  1. oh michaela! i miss you already. .and i'm not even in lacombe! am in orlando for meetings. . hope you're doing well. .keeping you in my prayers!

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