peace i do not know

when i make big decisions, i pray about them and if i’m at peace with the thought of saying “yes” to something (especially when i’ve been really confused) then i’m confident that “yes” is right. i don’t have peace at this moment. i’m going to spend the day getting more information. my next post will […]


20 days

there are 20 days till i’m 26. i’m feeling good about this b-day. just a few years ago i was 23. just a few years ago i was 19. and in just a few years i’ll be 85. it’ll always seem like “just a few” so i’d better spend each one wisely.


time frost death and blue

it’s almost 9am. it probably will be by the time i finish writing this. i say that to say this: how much does time really matter? how does the way i live reveal what i think about time? i wake up every morning unconsciously confident that i’ll make it through another day. but the frost […]


another day is over

and i’ve decided: that not watching tv is wonderful indeed that doing what i love is key that snow is only snow and below freezing temps are simply opportunities to wear more clothing and stay indoors that memories will hide, some never to be recalled that words…words are (finish this sentence)  

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