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jasmine, a friend of a friend, returned my call this afternoon. she’s a riot! when the conversation ended, i felt as if i’d just been refreshed.

i finally made contact with tanya, after weeks of trying. as usual, we delved into discussions of the sda church, young adults, our angst, our anger, our revolutionary measures. it was good.

my english tutee added me to her messenger list. we chatted online! so fabulous. funny how she’s moving from one new language to another.

a friend’s experiencing growth, the kind of growth that wasn’t requested but has to happen, the kind that makes your skin stretch and your muscles ache, the kind that i wish didn’t exist outside of physical growth spurts because heart pain is deeper than any of us can swim. if he didn’t know God he’d be a corpse.

i haven’t yet talked to God today, like really talked. well, maybe i have. i just have this notion of what “true” communication with God entails. you know, long time spent on bended knee. bible close by.

talking’s good. we need each other’s ears more than we often know. and sometimes we just need to hear our pain.

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