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It’s possibly the difference between a goal spoken and a goal achieved.

We can’t be accountable to just anyone. We also can’t go solo. How do we choose a good accountability buddy and how should the process of holding each other accountable actually look?

I’m positive you could do a quick Google search and discover a lot of well researched information. I’m also positive that you could get lost in the details. So, here’s the simple approach that I recommend based on my own experience with accountability.

  • Identify a measurable goal.
  • Have only one accountability buddy for one goal.*
  • Find someone who will be kind, will challenge you, and will tell you the truth.
  • It helps to share the same goal as your buddy but that’s not imperative. It is imperative that you both care about each other’s goals and can offer relevant feedback.
  • Weekly check-ins are a must.
  • Check in even if you don’t think you have something “worthy” to report. You never know where the conversation will go, the blessings you’ll share in regardless of how far you’ve progressed or slipped back.
  • At least once a quarter, assess the process to see how things are going. If you need to quit, don’t feel bad. However, try not to quit simply because the process is difficult.
  • Whenever possible and necessary for clarity, create an end date.

I’ll be checking in with an accountability buddy next Monday and I hope to have reconsidered my writing goal and our accountability process so that we can fruitfully discuss our future.

I do have one more accountability buddy set up to begin January 1–we’re decluttering our homes. There’s already a clear and simple daily plan to follow for that process and it’s just for January.

The question isn’t, “Do I need an accountability buddy?” The question is, “Who should it be?”

Much success to you as you map out your process and find your buddy. May your journey be meaningful even when it’s messy.

Happy New Year!

*I haven’t had more than one accountability buddy at a time until now. My guess is that it’s probably too much for our brains to work on multiple goals at once with multiple accountability buddies. Maybe two or three maximum? Feel free to add your thoughts on this in the comments.

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