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why 500

It’s a challenge via an app I have that encourages you to set goals and reach them. It didn’t seem at all daunting when I found it. 500 words? In my sleep! Well, maybe not. 

It’s actually been very hard. In my attempts to write every day, I’ve found three things to be true: 

  1. I don’t have enough time in one block to knock it out.
  2. It’s much easier to craft a complete thought in 100 or 300 words.
  3. Writing every day just to write means posting stinky prose.

So why keep trying? 

  1. Because time will never be the easiest to come by so I shouldn’t quit for lack of perfect time.
  2. It’s stretching me to think carefully and quickly and beyond a super shortie super long prose comfort zone.
  3. This is good for my perfectionism, challenging my notions of what’s beautiful and what’s enough. 

So my encouragement to you is this: write (or whatever that thing is for you) and aim for faithful practice. You may not produce a publishable book but your ability to try will skyrocket as fear dissipates and discipline sharpens. Enjoy the journey. 

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