when TV makes you cry

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when TV makes you cry

trust me. this used to NEVER happen. i was the girl watching the sad movie with a bunch of other girls and magically maintaining the only dry eyes in the room. but the last decade of life has changed all that. i now cry easily.

it’s typically not the sappy romantic stuff that gets me. actually, i’m not quite sure what it is…i just don’t want to admit to the sappy romantic stuff. i do know that at the most surprising moment, i’ll tear up. sometimes the salty water makes it’s way down my face. sometimes it stays pupil-side.

today was pupil-side at the end of NCIS LA. perhaps the unnaturally dramatic music had something to do with it. but more than that was the message of going all in, giving everything, no hesitation, all or nothing, go big or go home…full surrender

it hit a nerve.

commitment is beautiful. i admire it in others. i value being able to live it out myself.

definitely a reason to know the difference between what’s a nice idea and what’s God’s idea. definitely want to commit to the latter.

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