what we don’t know

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what we don’t know

as i walked out of an office today with information i should have known but was never told, i realized the truth of Hosea…what we don’t know will kill us, or more precisely “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

i realize that the verse speaks specifically to lack of knowledge about God but i see how it trickles down into other less meaning aspects of life like my job. there’s so much i’ve had to find out the hard way. i’m reasonable. i know there’s only so much telling one can do. some things will just have to be found out. it’s unfortunate. that’s why i’ve been spending time over the last 2 weeks creating a manual for whoever comes after me. my job is so multifaceted even though i have a title.

this small fry experience is teaching me about the big picture–God wants to save us and he wants us to be a part of the process of saving each other. so he has packed a lot of information into a book and he expects us to tell each other about it so that he can be revealed more fully (though never completely coz we’re slow). i should want nothing more than to know that you’re on the path to heaven, that you’ve accepted salvation and are basking in God’s love. that should be my focus. i should be reading this book over and telling you what i’ve read…

i don’t want you to die because you didn’t know something that i knew…

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