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i’m not as drained as i was 24 hours ago. i’ve been drinking crazy amounts of water which i think has helped. maybe i’ll have enough life in me in the morning to go for a walk before breakfast…that’s been my desire since day one.

heard some really great music today. some nice simple beautiful stuff. and i’ve realized that since i sing so much in the lower register, singing the “a” (and up) above middle “c”, as a regular alto would, is quite the challenge. do i try to change that? do i simply rest in my low and lovely?\

the rain comes down ever so lightly every now and then. i use an umbrella b/c that’s what i’m used to but i could walk in the rain. it would hardly do anything. the warmth here is so cozy. maybe because of the horrid a/c inside.

i think i’ll perform on thursday. i’m having a couple of tracks on tape recorded onto cd (for free) by mike evans, a wonderful rich bass singer who does everything with a smile.

i’m learning to be a humble performer and that being a humble performer is more than saying thank you and smiling kindly and gently. it’s about making sure all i do is serve. let’s say, for example, that i go to a church to do a concert. when i get there, once i’ve set up and put all my stuff in order, i need to ask, is there anything i can help you with? how can i be of assistance? and if the track stops mid song, instead of looking cross-eyed, i should simply carry on with all the love of God on my face and in my voice. and if i’m getting incredible feedback in the monitors, etc, all i should do is kindly say, is there something i can do to help that? or just keep on going.

it’s about showing love in ALL things in ALL ways on ALL fronts on ALL days……. and not just because i’m getting paid!!!

water makes you think a bit straighter.

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  1. AMEN to the drinking water thing! I'm a big fan of water drinking and plenty of it. You know what this reminded me of? When we were in academy and I had the privilege of sitting next to you in choir and being able to follow your voice. Anyway, you would always sing along to the tenor part and I thought it was so cool that you could actually reach some of their notes. I never forgot that. Not many can sing as low as you can, so just revel in it-humbly of course;)

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