Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

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Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

It’s that time of year. Parents are busy figuring out what to buy or make for their child’s classmates. Bits of “love” paper are about to make their way into your home via bags or shoe boxes.

Here’s something that won’t cost a lot and is simple for someone with a printer. Just 8 basic steps.

1. Buy a pack of heart stickers. This one has 80 total: 40 about 1.7 inches across and 40 about 1.1 inches across.


2. Print Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids and cut into 4 sheets.

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids


3. Fold up bottom of paper. You can fold the whole piece in half if you like, to help guide you. I prefer to just eyeball it so that the line isn’t on the front.


This is how it should look when you turn it around.


4. Fold the sides in to the middle, making sure top of the paper is still a straight line across.


5. Fold that top part down. Here’s a side view. The top of the sheet should come right down to the folds.IMG_8933

Here’s a closer look.IMG_8934

6. Now open it up and put 2 or 3 of the heart stickers into the “V” as seen below.


7. Use one of the smaller stickers to seal the cute little envelope.


Here’s how it should look when you flip it around.IMG_8937

8. Your child (or you) can write his/her name into the heart or color it in.IMG_8938IMG_8940

For scale:


You’re all done…till next year! 🙂

Comment below with tweaks or suggestions.

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