unexpected ripples (part 1?)

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unexpected ripples (part 1?)

(Written back in February. Perhaps I’ll complete it one of these days.)

I’ve committed to writing five days a week. I don’t publish most of it, not because I don’t think it’s good. Of course I think it’s good! I keep it to myself because I’ve learned that a large amount of privacy is valuable for future public broadcasts. What you’ll read below is something that transpired today and it was very odd yet really good. And for some reason, it feels right to share.

Maybe a month ago, maybe more, I purchased The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu. It wasn’t exactly an impulse buy because I would have purchased it on Kindle were it available there. But I hadn’t even price checked it at Barnes and Nobles to compare it to Amazon. I just decided that I wanted it in my hands now–two days would be to long.

I read a bit. It was a lot, not at all the night reading type of book that I thought could help jumpstart my desire to read more before bedtime. Just a few pages in, while I wasn’t overwhelmed, I knew this book deserved daylight. Yesterday, I decided that today could be the day when I read a ton more of it and, possibly, finish it. That meant not doing work work. You know, the stuff that’s easier to qualify as part of ones pastoral duties. Like calling people to setup a visit or reading the Bible, or sitting in extended times of prayer.

This morning’s school drop off was later than hoped but the kids weren’t late by any official standards and I got out of the house with this week’s pastor planning sheet, the kelly-ish green oversized notebook I do sermon homework in, the Bible (of course), and other bits and pieces quickly packed into my current favorite tote.

(…to be continued. I’m falling asleep)

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