unexpected love

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unexpected love

so i bought some roses this morning, a last-minute decision, and encouraged students to hand them out on this love-celebration-day. by 5pm, there were still many roses left so i took some and decided to hand them out randomly to women on campus. it was priceless.

encounter 1 (sitting on a bench)
would you like a rose? 
oh, thank you!

encounter 2 (sidewalk pedestrian)
would you like a rose?
yes please! (how cute)

encounter 3 & 4 (sidewalk pedestrians)
would you like a rose?
3 said: oh yes!
4 said: are they free? (a funny yet sad commentary on our culture)

encounter 5 (desk worker)
happy valentines day! (didn’t give her a choice; placed it on the counter and walked away…hehe)
thank you!

encounter 6 (cleaning lady)
happy valentines day! (didn’t give her a choice either; just gave it to her–she deserves it most!)
oh thank you, baby. (favorite!)

and the moral of the story = people need more unexpected love…do this more often!

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