together: reconnecting

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together: reconnecting

the option of going to Japan enabled me to connect with someone i hadn’t spoken to in a few years. we’d see each other and smile but that was it. but since speaking with her the other day, i feel more comfortable speaking to her as i did again last night and will do in the future. there are quite a few of us here who are in our own circles or not in a circle and don’t feel like joining one…we remain separated by nothing special or by our insecurities. this ain’t high school. let’s build bridges, cross them, get together and have some fun.

our congregation has started a new ministry called:

together: thinking of good endeavors that harvest essential relationships

the bottom line is, we’ll get nowhere without God and without each other. so why not make a big effort to connect? most of our organized occasions will occur outside of church in comfortable settings that naturally facilitate positive vibes and reasons to keep on coming “together”…

it’s nice.

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