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there’s something wonderful about orchestrating change on your own but something far more noble when the cause is driven by a collective…me and you and you and you and you… but how together can we really be?

Karen Armstrong seeks to use the Golden Rule as a connecting point at which all religions can unite and do the good they’re meant to do. and as they seek the common good their differences will no longer divide them. my question is this: what if not only like my differences but believe my differences are worth not only holding on to but sharing? this summer my mum cooked a simple but amazingly scrumptious dinner. it was so good that i felt others would truly benefit in a holistic manner from eating it b/c it not only fed me physically but emotionally/mentally and yes, spiritually. good food is that powerful.

as is some of what makes me different from other Christians. i don’t want to let the good stuff go but i do want to do unto others as i would have them do unto me. so please allow me to walk beside you and do good with you but don’t ask me to let go of what i think is essential even if it ruffles your feathers.

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