time well spent

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time well spent

i’ve been missing my time spent with God so i hoped i’d wake early so i could talk to Him and read the bible and talk some more.

so after my crazy nightmare was documented, we spent time in Acts 27.

courage — my pastor always asks me how my courage is.

hope — the only way to have courage.

what’s the difference between hope and optimism? after all, both could be seen as “an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome” when in reality, that’s the definition for only one.

well, for starters, optimism is a noun and hope is a verb that can also be a noun. secondly, with hope comes all sorts of biblical references and christian ideology.

i used to pride myself in my optimism. now i’m content to have hope — one of three christian virtues that keeps me alive.

pastor, my courage is good! but my subconscious is crazy and may disagree from time to time…

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