…through a glass, darkly…

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…through a glass, darkly…

I’ll never forget the moment my professor quoted this line. He used it as a way of explaining our current lack of understanding. I was so excited. I wanted to scream, “He just quoted the Bible!” but instead, I kept my excitement inside. After all, this was a public school and I didn’t need to look/sound like the crazy Christian. 

This lack of understanding, this haze…I’m still there at many moments. Sometimes it’s no big deal. Today, however, it has taken a bit of parsing. I took a journal and stopped in at a local coffee shop in efforts to figure it out or at least sit with it for a bit. The discomfort isn’t easy but it is present tense. Plus, it’s cheaper to face reality than to run.

As I got up to leave, I saw a fellow campus minister and said hello. He asked what I was up to. I told him I was journaling, trying to sort things out. He shared a similar story along with the thought that we’re not satisfied with not having an answer for people’s problems, a solution to share in the moment.

It makes sense and reminds me of my “savior complex” that I’m clearly not over. But there’s also this thing called love and sometimes we actually do it enough that even though it’s imperfect, our hearts still have the ability to break. Mine did this morning and it’s okay. I don’t need answers. I do need to continue loving my neighbors.  

This is one of those times when I’ve written much more for me than for you. So if you’ve read this and are like, “What in the world are you talking about?” perhaps my next post will be more reader friendly. 😉 Until then, keep loving your neighbor, even when it’s awkward. 

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