things adults do 

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things adults do 

As I reflect on a few unrelated events, I’m inspired to create a list of things adults do. 

There’s no hierarchy to the list coz ALL the items are important. My husband contributed a few to the mix, too. Here goes. 

Things Adults Do:

  • Work hard 
  • Don’t make excuses–take the shame then do better
  • Shower–after any kind of sweaty work and certainly every single day
  • Work efficiently 
  • Try–effort is attractive
  • Fail–it’s what sometimes happens when you try and it’s quite alright
  • Try again 
  • Serve selflessly
  • Expect and practice delayed gratification–if you can’t afford the phone, you don’t buy the phone
  • Know what “afford” means
  • Choose battles wisely 
  • Listen without the need to respond
  • Whine in private 
  • Don’t seek public fights
  • Show respect without making someone first earn respect
  • Know the difference between love and like
  • Honor commitments–flaky is bad
  • Commit without needing all their friends to commit, too–not everything can be comfy
  • Adult (v)–every day, all day

If you believe you are an adult but you aren’t being treated like an adult, it may be because you’re not doing some of these things. It could also be that those around you are in denial (parents), not accepting your real attempts at growth or aren’t sure of how to let you grow/go. Don’t be sad. Step up. Pay bills. Save money. Get up early. 


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