the good stuff

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the good stuff

i’m trying to spend more time focussing on the the good stuff of ministry, the stuff that creates smiles, positive vibes, amens, hallelujahs…that sort of stuff (as opposed to the other stuff that’s so much easier to focus on.) and this good stuff isn’t about fantastic programming; it’s about God showing me His love and care as i try to be a healthier minister and administrator.

i was away last week. after saying farewell to a great friend (funeral) and then ministering to a women’s residence hall through nightly talks, i wasn’t sure how well i’d fare coming back go the reality of work and campus life.

once monday was over, i experienced a great sigh of relief. i’d made it through day 1 of 5 and it was actually a really good day. miracle of miracles! and now, as day 5 trucks on, i’m also counting the blessings of great conversations, great spiritual awakenings, and the confirmation that i am where i should be: God’s will.

so even though i’m really happy for some sabbath rest, i’m not racing toward it anxiously. another good week. another reflection on how God makes things beautiful in His time.

these are uncharted waters…

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