the day after

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the day after

last night was chill and a lot of fun. i’ve decided that mid-week parties are the way to go…why not? it seems there’s never enough time with friends. you make time over the weekend, you run into each other in the store, you chat on the phone, you “im,” you check up on each other via others….still, not enough time. but anyway, 27 is STILL good. thanks to wonderful family and friends, i had a lovely party with poppy seed lemon cake! forgot to make a wish…oh well…it’s probably better that way : )

i also got great gifts…my friends are sooooooooo creative and fun! but it was the gift of time that mattered to me most. and these are some of the crazies i spent my time with last night. hee hee….nothin but love, nothin but love! can you believe i hang out with them? wow? miracles still happen. haha

and now, to prove that miracles still happen, we have snow, serious snow. honestly! we haven’t had much yet this winter. the poor farmers may now breathe some relief. i have yet to frolic in it….maybe later on.

well, since i’m older now, let me make a list of things to look forward to: 1. STOMP this weekend, 2. getting my book published, 3. …..okay, this is harder than i thought. there are things to look forward to….i’m just a bit sleep deprived, you know, the usual…

till later….

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