the blessings of Christian education

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the blessings of Christian education

tell me why God keeps on giving me reminders that it’s all about Him and not at all about me. tell me why God keeps on making it crystal clear that at the end of all my successes, i’ve done nothing without Him.

so, ladies and gentlemen who read this blog…i forgot my 2pm exam today. well, i didn’t forget that i had a test in this particular class. what had happened was i wrote it down as taking place tomorrow from 10-12. i wrote it in my planner. if i write something in my planner, i remember it and nothing else. there was NO CHANCE that i’d think of walking into my exam today at 2pm.

at 2:30 i returned to my room for the library to get some nourishment. i checked my phone for messages and there was one that went a little something like this:

“Michaela, this is Dr. N. we hope you’re okay. the test has begun. it’s almost 2:30….”

so i walked right back outside in slight disbelief…slight because i’m not totally surprised that i made such a crazy mistake–it has been a crazy last few weeks. all i’ve wanted, just about every day, is to just sit and chill with friends or even watch a movie. now, i always want to spend time with friends…that’s normal…but i hardly ever want to sit and watch a movie! that’s how crazy it’s been.

as i walked to the test i uttered “have mercy, Lord” several times and prayed that i’d have wisdom and patience as i took the test. “God, you’re really going to have to help me recall a whole lot of stuff because we both know i have NOT studied!” “have mercy, Lord, have mercy!”

and on and on i pleaded until i entered the room. and i’m glad to tell you that i didn’t fail that test. i dare say i may have even done “b” work! and that’s nothing but God, nothing BUT God!!

and i’ve got nothing but love for my prof who actually calls absent test takers! have mercy!

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