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i spent the weekend at a women’s retreat. had i not been asked to be part of the praise team, i wouldn’t have gone. it’s not something i’m drawn to. the thought of spending hours with estrogen makes me a bit weary.

it was actually enjoyable for the most part. i wasn’t ready for the emotional strain. so much crying took place. the tears were about to fall from my eyes on a few occasions but i wouldn’t let them. i wasn’t trying to have a headache. but at the same time, i saw the healing the tears allow. you cry. (in a way) you empty yourself of whatever’s causing you pain. you’re now ready to be filled with the positive. you see light at the end of the tunnel. you feel refreshed. the hurt may not all be over but you’ve truly started to heal.

i realized all that because i’ve been there before. it all ticked me off, however, cuz in certain ways i’m still there. some things you never get over. you see the light but you never get over.

we’re human.

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