Daydreams and night truths

After I prayed, my oldest got under her covers and said, “Mummy, can we do it like last night?”
 “Yes, honey,” I replied as my youngest and I snuggled at the foot of the bed under the pink and white cozy blanket

soggy cereal

i'm about to eat some soggy cereal. why? coz it's across the room and i haven't wanted to move to pick it up and bring it over here. so it's been sitting...flakes in soy...getting soggy. i'm looking for the lesson, the deep truth bound up in my present lazy being... suggestions anyone?

the truth

what is it you just have to do? what is it your life depends on? open up yourself and do it. don't worry about who's watching or if no one's watching or listening. whether you're in your car or bathroom or in front of 10,000, do it right. let it come out of you honestly. …

in love, speak

it's hard to always say what's on your mind. you're not always sure if the truth will set you free. but when spoken in love, truth permits you entrance into peace. and peace helps you see the sun.