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i’m not good at it. i’ve said it before (perhaps just to myself) and i’ll say it again (now to the WORLD). but. i’ve resolved to be better at developing and maintaining relationships. i know how to walk away. it’s one of the side effects of a childhood on 3 continents. but i can’t keep […]



from the back to the middle and around again i’m gonna love you till the end one hundred percent pure love please don’t ask me why i know the lyrics (or perhaps the wrong lyrics), just read on. last night i got my biweekly email stating that my pay check has been deposited into my […]



to miss is to fail to do a variety of things such as: touch catch notice attend to have a meeting include reach experience i don’t want fail but i keep on missing even when you’re present



the quick flip of emotions, like factory line pancakes, take me from a calm “ah, the breeze is so lovely” to an irritated “why are you talking right now?” a classmate said she loves my personality–i’m so nice. i told her she must not know me well. of course, i don’t totally mean that. but […]


i feel like or as if

i got a piece of “knowing” — the kind that is relational, involves two people, real conversation and simple knowledge. i know, i’m being a bit vague but i know what i’m talking about and it’s good times 🙂 no list just knowledge and happy memories the wedding was wonderful. the bride is a close […]

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