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Reminder number one: walk slowly. Steps matter Smoke rises to greet the sky afraid. Is it enough? I sat on the floor today Carpet circa 1995 Tough grey-brown, bland #11 Comfortless reliability stretched for meters around my exhausted frame Lean brown-skinned girl, twisted locks set ponytail-like Legs crossed. Elbows propping head in hands What now? […]


i promise

i promise not to be perfect i promise not to always make you smile i promise to have you all confused but hopefully not all of the time coz i promise to try to be helpful and i promise to try to be kind and i promise that even when you’re a bit salty i’ll […]


for crying out loud

if we hadn’t been exposed if we hadn’t traveled so far away from birth places at such young ages if we hadn’t been told if we hadn’t heard that anything we touch can become gold or at least something precious if we hadn’t been praised if we hadn’t reveled in the knowledge of jobs well […]


the blessed haze

the haze on my possible prostitution calms me, brings me down many notches to a point on my life map i cannot find too many clouds i just can’t do it, can’t get paid for my gifts when they’re not being used correctly, efficiently, effectively, cloud trillion call me crazy i’m not experiencing confusion because […]

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