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we took a little trip today, picnic basket in tow. first stop was the museum. second stop was the greenway (to eat lunch until the heavens opened).┬áthere were several other stops before heading back home. each one offered something different. each one added something to our day. each one had a particular view. a view […]



they come in all sorts of forms: plastic, glass, round, square, wall size, clutch purse size…and sometimes they’re people. it’s not that they look like you. it’s that their behaviour helps you see yourself. in that moment you have choices. do i accept what i’ve seen? do i reject it? do i take necessary steps […]


time away

breeds discontent breeds unnecessary attitude breeds a truckload of regret breeds this wish: that i never had to wake up to the knowledge that i keep on messing up time away is not time well spent time away encourages me to bad mouth encourages me to spit figuratively on someone else’s lawn encourages me to […]

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