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Kids say some crazy stuff.

This morning, before our assortment of store-bought cereals, homemade granola, and soy milk graced the kitchen table for breakfast, and before our family of four prayed together to begin the day, my four-year-old was asking my two-year-old a problematic question. “How much children do you want to have?” she asked. There are two things wrong […]


Mushy Mummy Love

We heard her crying shortly after putting her to bed. At first we couldn’t quite understand what she was saying through her tears. Then I caught it. “Come wif me.” I volunteered to go. Usually my husband goes (and usually it’s some terrible time of the night/morning). He’ll lay on the floor by her bed until […]


Just One More Kiss

It’s hard to let her go. 2:45am comes. I feed her. And then it’s 4:30am and I’m waking up with her still in my arms. I finally surrender to the reality of my own sleep needs and return her to her bed but only after ten more kisses to her cheeks. She settles down quickly. […]


My Girl & My God

I know, I should be sleeping. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Yeah yeah. I’ve got thoughts running through my head that must be sorted through. So here I go. A couple of nights ago, I was done. I mean, not really but it felt like it. It felt like confusion frustration and helplessness had gotten […]

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