Daydreams and night truths

After I prayed, my oldest got under her covers and said, “Mummy, can we do it like last night?”
 “Yes, honey,” I replied as my youngest and I snuggled at the foot of the bed under the pink and white cozy blanket

Mushy Mummy Love

We heard her crying shortly after putting her to bed. At first we couldn't quite understand what she was saying through her tears. Then I caught it. "Come wif me." I volunteered to go. Usually my husband goes (and usually it's some terrible time of the night/morning). He'll lay on the floor by her bed until …

My Girl & My God

I know, I should be sleeping. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Yeah yeah. I've got thoughts running through my head that must be sorted through. So here I go. A couple of nights ago, I was done. I mean, not really but it felt like it. It felt like confusion frustration and helplessness had gotten …