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When Faith Amazes

When Faith Amazes (click that ^ link) I want to thank my Board for committing to journeying through ministry together and for trusting God last night. And I want to thank God for consistent reminders that he is present and ready to do things in and through us that will consistently amaze and consistently develop […]


a decision

tonight, i was reflecting on commitment, on sticking with what we’ve been given. i’ve decided on this: to stick with being a pastor until God says something else. that’s my resolve. now i’m sure drama will ensue and all my introverted perfectionistic ways will be challenged. and then i’ll run away in my mind and […]



There’s an older lady at my church that I’m quite fond. Her love for The Lord is exciting. Perhaps you’ve met people like her. When they talk about their faith journey they look as if they’re going to explode with joy. Her petite size makes that pending explosion all the more enjoyable to experience. She’s […]


we’ll see…

I want to take time to hash out quality thoughts on the following related to my work… Personalities How they intersect with yours (teach you about yourself) How they clash with each other How they each want a piece of the space, of you How it’s hard not become a personality-based space God How he […]



i can’t sleep. it’s a reoccurring problem of the last few months. i’ll wake to appease my bladder then return to bed wide-eyed. and it’s not that i actually feel wide-eyed but that’s how my body acts as my mind awakens to the many things i should have said or need to say, should have done or […]



This Is the Stuff just popped into my head as I clicked “new post.” Been up since 3 and moved from “I should be able to go back to sleep” to “it ain’t happnin” as all the stuff that I have yet to complete at work flooded my brain and then my knee pain kicked in, […]

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