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500: now

The plants need watering. It’s best to do it at the coolest part of the day. That would be now. I have a sermon to write and the order of service pieces need to be in by today. I should work on that now. We have travel plans. It always takes a bit to not […]


the table.

today was communion at my church. i love communion sabbaths, and i truly mean love. it’s not so much about the location but the time purposefully set aside to remember the amazing love of Jesus and the way that remembering happens. Adventists typically have communion once a quarter (not every saturday) and we include foot […]


a song

i was asked to sing for a program. things went a little long and i wasn’t able to sing after all. i wasn’t disappointed…i’m not THAT much of a diva. 🙂 i was actually a little relieved because i had planned to sing a cappella. the last time i sang a solo a cappella was […]


WWPD–What Would Paul Do?

Today I’m definitely speaking specifically to people who use the term Christian to define their faith journey. I’m also clearly making (as I always do) a few assumptions about what that means based on what I’ve learned and believe about God. We can’t get away from that. So if you find yourself responding with, “That’s […]


post easter

having not grown up with any easter traditions, no easter egg hunts or easter church dresses, i can’t say that i have the same level of “fun” anticipation that i’ve seen in others when it comes to the day that just passed. and i don’t readily remember big church celebrations either, no sunrise services or […]

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