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advent (day 2) fear.

I share two pieces on my podcast. You can also read them, if you’d prefer. Major kudos to the readers. 1st piece: You can find the original post right here: https://wordhabit.com/2014/07/07/and-then/ 2nd piece: One thing I find fascinating about Advent is that it was originally not only a focus on the birth of Jesus but […]


the road

gear: trek 7.3fx acquired: 2007 miles travelled: 70miles (give or take 20) enjoyment: priceless okay, enough for corny…. so i’ve been riding these last 3 days and it is kicking my butt! not literally, of course but the figurative had me asleep for a good 2 hours this afternoon. nap, glorious nap! and while i’m […]


saying goodbye

i’ve said goodbye a lot in life–to people, to places, to things…even inanimate things like fear. but that kind of farewell so often needs repeating. (i know i’ve already had this “conversation”…this repetition simply shows how much this is on my mind as of late) there are 3 things i love: music, teaching, writing…not always […]



i’m forever buckling up my shoes…always preparing for something, dreaming up something big, hoping it’ll happen yet too scared to work hard enough…afraid i’ll fail. so i’m forever buckling and seldom standing tall, walking confidently, head high, shoulders straight. i’m seated on that chair, couch, stool, bed, floor, making sure my shoes are secure. do […]


from excitement to fear

fear…there’s something to it…something useful. it’s not that God can’t use us when we’re not fearful but fear humbles in a way that useful. so now i’m useful…coz let me tell ya, i’m afraid! afraid of saying foolishness afraid of disgracing God afraid that… but why? okay…so the “useful” thing only goes so far. once […]

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