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it’s not often you get to watch a funeral at 4am on your laptop and it’s not often that you want to. and when it’s over, you’re not sure if you should say you’re glad you got to or that you’re grateful. you certainly shouldn’t say you loved every minute, not out loud anyway. well, […]


uncle james

A (26) Originally uploaded by Complicated Philosophy my uncle james used to do modern dance. i never got to see him in action. that’s a great sweater he’s wearing. he lives in austria. i should pay him and his family a visit. my little sis has those same cheeks…as does my mum (i think). ah, […]


death too soon

so yes, we’re at the age when more family dies…but mothers? a friend’s mum died last night. she was a beautiful woman… i can’t imagine what he’s feeling right now, what he’s thinking. …


classical music

lulled us, but not to sleep. we sat, we three black siblings, eating our tomato soup with crackers in it and biscuits on the side. we sat in silence because classical sounds have that affect on we three black siblings. it doesn’t excite us to converse. i broke the silence. me: did you guys know […]

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