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Exhale and run

I’m thinking through the need to live by “to thine own self be true” surrendered to “my food is to do the will of the One who sent me.” I’m not 100% sure of how that works but then I’m not 100% sure of too many things and that isn’t a prerequisite. The unknown will […]


When Faith Amazes

When Faith Amazes (click that ^ link) I want to thank my Board for committing to journeying through ministry together and for trusting God last night. And I want to thank God for consistent reminders that he is present and ready to do things in and through us that will consistently amaze and consistently develop […]



i’m supposed to think about journeys. so instead of going to walmart with friends i’m going to ponder what a journey is both in dictionaries and in life (for the two aren’t always mirror images) and i’m going to use this space to do so. of all the spaces i enjoy, this virtual world is […]

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