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Abstinence Isn’t Enough

We’ve come to day 4. From comments like “keep your legs closed” to “keep yourself pure” to “this is a moral standard,” I get a clear sense that we don’t talk about abstinence in enough detail. The first comment suggests that you’re able to simply shut off hormones, desires, thoughts… The second comment suggests that […]


Consequences Part 2

When I think of people I know who aren’t experiencing sex (or intimacy of any kind) in a healthy, committed way, I see insecurity. It’s sad, really. I want people to be secure in who they are and in who their with and I want that security to come from a really healthy space, one […]


Consequences Part 1

There are many. I’ll just focus on a few. Remember, we’re talking about the having of sex. Why focus on consequences? The¬†hook-up culture, especially on college campuses, reveals our decreased focus on consequences, on long-term costs/benefits. In addition, we’re more focused on “what’s in it for me?” than “what’s in it for us?” which goes […]

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