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I don’t consider myself the greatest conversationalist. Never have. But I’m learning to be present and engage honestly. So dead space isn’t tough to navigate and active listening yields real exchanges.


the table.

today was communion at my church. i love communion sabbaths, and i truly mean love. it’s not so much about the location but the time purposefully set aside to remember the amazing love of Jesus and the way that remembering happens. Adventists typically have communion once a quarter (not every saturday) and we include foot […]



sometimes my students confirm my struggles, not because they’re causing them but because they’re experiencing them, too. more often than not, it’s unexpected. our age, experience, cultural norms, and basic preferences are typically different. so i’m surprised to recognize their pain, their anxiety, their frustration…as my own. and no, this isn’t the pain, anxiety and […]


is this communion?

at the invitation of a friend, i had communion (outside of my denomination for the first time) this week. it was new. no foot washing. just bread and wine. i read the prayers. i ate. didn’t dip (coz i don’t do alcohol). i never like taking communion without first knowing about it ahead of time. […]

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