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Today I wrote a song. I sat long enough, after wearing out my arms in a new workout, to record some words to some tune that I don’t even remember. And that’s ok. Because I sat. Long enough. That’s what matters most, even more than the song. I made space. When’s the last time you […]



I’m supposed to take some time each Friday and celebrate my accomplishments, or should I say, the things that I’ve seen happen that I’m glad have happened this week. So here goes: I should first say that this is a hard exercise when I have a huge list I want to get through by 3pm…So […]


mysterious ways

i don’t know why a lot of things are the way they are. like how people are blessed by what i allow God to do through me. like how i’m blessed even though i’m clearly human. i don’t know the why…but i’m thankful for the now and for the when. i’m content in the how […]

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