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Sometimes life surprises and beauty appears on walls, in jokes, with food and with people you never would have thought could be one big crazy college family. God’s grace is visible here.


something beautiful

i’ve come to really enjoy this song by need to breathe. and now, as i make my way to slumberville, i’m remembering the beauty i’ve recently experienced: girlfriend time a reminder that my man knows me well leaving work before it’s pitch black outside inspiration God’s unconditional love as evidenced by all of the above […]



Reminder number one: walk slowly. Steps matter Smoke rises to greet the sky afraid. Is it enough? I sat on the floor today Carpet circa 1995 Tough grey-brown, bland #11 Comfortless reliability stretched for meters around my exhausted frame Lean brown-skinned girl, twisted locks set ponytail-like Legs crossed. Elbows propping head in hands What now? […]

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