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advent (day 5) father.

1st piece: You can read it here: https://wordhabit.com/2020/05/19/nightparenting/ 2nd piece: “What do you want me to learn about you?” This is a simple prayer I prayed tonight before settling down to write, cross-legged on my gray mid-century couch, laptop in tow. It would be horrible if I completed this Advent journey and missed something God […]


advent (day 2) fear.

I share two pieces on my podcast. You can also read them, if you’d prefer. Major kudos to the readers. 1st piece: You can find the original post right here: https://wordhabit.com/2014/07/07/and-then/ 2nd piece: One thing I find fascinating about Advent is that it was originally not only a focus on the birth of Jesus but […]

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