surrender…random (very random) thoughts

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surrender…random (very random) thoughts

talked with a friend about what sabbath observance is all about
talked to another friend about how our concept of time factors into sabbath observance
got a better perspective to approach first friend with regarding the sabbath
read a chapter for spiritual formation class about surrender and got frustrated…

who am i to tell you how to use your time? who am i to judge your level of surrender? who am i when i haven’t surrendered anything 100%?

well, ptl i’m searching right? and this is what the Spirit revealed today as i read for class, as i wondered how in the world i’m supposed to be juggling all of my responsibilities and do each one well:

1. i do what i can, believing that God will do the rest. i do what i can to the best of my ability, resting in the knowledge that God will do the rest. i want an “A” in ever class particularly so that if i apply to any phd program, my grades won’t be a hindrance…if i’m supposed to apply to any phd program and i’m doing my best with God’s help then He’ll help me get the grades i need….

2. i stop running because running is a sign that i’m trying to do things solo and realize that it won’t work. i must trust others. no man is an island…

3. (there’s more to learn even today, i’m sure)

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  1. you're so profound! 🙂 hope school is going well for you. . .wonder what's up with 'together'. . (imagine me singing). . haa haa. . .haven't heard any udpates. . have you?

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