subconscious consciousness

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subconscious consciousness

you know how it is when a thought comes to mind, you ponder it momentarily then let it rest in your subconscious, then it resurfaces hours later to find you better aware after having subconsciously unpacked its truth?

well, this is my reality. i’m minutes from a solid night of sleep yet i’m fully processing the fact that if i spend my energy using what God has gifted me with for vain glory, i’ll never be content. “vain glory.” i know it’s a bit archaic, stilted, stuffy, KJVish–but it’s real.

my jazzy love song singing days are numbered…honestly. and i’m not on a crazy fanatical tip. i’m actually on a transformation tip. i don’t think jazzy love songs are evil. i just don’t think they do anything worth hours of practice.

more later…the night is not young.

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