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went to the doctor.

not pleased.

felt dismissed from the moment she walked through the door.

felt like smacking her upside her head.

and you know, it’s not because she didn’t say what i wanted to hear. it’s because she didn’t try to explore the notion that taking an aspirin a day will be damaging. it’s that she didn’t try to express any concern for the fact that i’m trying to be proactive about my future. i didn’t say i don’t want to take medication. i didn’t claim to have a better way. i simply asked for an alternative. how is it possible for there to be NO alternatives? can i get a referral? can you suggest i read book x on the topic? can you recognize my desire for knowledge and help a sister out?

when i taught english composition, i tried to always find alternatives. if the student couldn’t grasp something one way, i tried something else. if they weren’t a audio learner i tried visual. some worked better with groups than alone so we did both. that’s what the students needed. all i want from a doctor is some out of the box thinking. i don’t need them to know all the natural remedies. i recognize the tension between the two camps. i’m not asking for a defector i just need someone to recognize the fact that i need info, i care for my body, i want what’s best, and i’m willing to do what it takes to get the best. maybe i should write a letter the next time i go to a doctor explaining my intentions and expectations. i’ll hand it to him/her at the beginning of our appointment and if they react well, i’ll proceed to discuss my problem. if they push their nose up, i’ll leave.

simple. yeah right.

anyway, since i’ve only been on aspirin for roughly 2 years no 22, i may continue. but this fight ain’t over. i will not be bound to a drug forever. i will not.

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