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lovely!!!! (no, that’s not where i skated)

skating is enough like rollerblading that it wasn’t hard. (it was my second time on the ice. the first time was about 7 years ago!) and the ice was smooth enough and the night was warm yet cold enough. and the sky was dark enough. and the pond was big enough. and the fire was warm enough. and the friends were enough.

it was a little piece of….yes….heaven. i’m pretty sure we’ll be able to wade in a lagoon and skate on a pond in the same day 🙂

this is how to enjoy winter–GET OUTSIDE!

folks think i’m crazy when they see me out for my afternoon walk. yes, it’s cold. yes, it’s often freezing. but i’ve got just enough layers on and just enough determination to allow my legs the privilege of pounding pavement.

but i don’t have enough life in these eyes to write more.

till later…

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