scented memory

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scented memory

“A sentimental journey in every Cherry-Almond scented drop…” so the description reads but that’s not why I bought it. It was on sale, cheaper than my preferred brands and richer than the cheapest brand. After taking a whiff, I knew that somewhere in my history, I’d used it with no negative memory attached. So I paid the $9 (thanks to Ontario tax) and continued on my journey home, excited to put this lotion to use. And when I did, that sentimental journey the description promised came true.

There I stood, facing the bathroom mirror yet transported to the memory of good times as my hands happily distributed the lotion around each finger and into each happy pore. I couldn’t actually remember details, just that the last time I used this cherry-almond goodness, life was good. A day later, I’m still finding any excuse to lotion up. Oh the joy and wonder of memory.

It’s not the first time that a scent has reminded me of distant good times. Sometimes the memory is more vivid and I can actually name a place and time: Oslo, 1985. Am I right? Maybe not. Maybe my brain is confusing events and smells. Regardless

The product description continues: “this part memento/part body lotion transports you back in time as it transforms dry skin into captivatingly soft skin.”

Thank you Jergens but more than that, thank you God for memory.

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