saying “thank you”

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saying “thank you”

i was very bold today.

realizing that the young man walking through the door i was holding open was too occupied on his cellphone to say “thank you,” i said “you’re welcome”…out loud. it was the sort of moment when you don’t think twice, you just do. i didn’t think he’d actually be aware enough to hear. but he was and i heard an apologetic “thank you” to which i chuckled as he disappeared into the room and i continued on my way.

i know i’ve forgotten to say “thank you” before. i know i’ve been so caught up in my thoughts that i’m oblivious to another person’s kindness. so i had no mean intentions…just figured it’d be fun to see what happened. and in the process, i got a reminder of how simple words can be and how necessary simple sometimes is.

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