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vacation days ended on friday 🙁 but i’m sooooooo thankful i was able to have them! now we’re in day 2 of a retreat for all the Deans, RAs, and DAs in our dorm. it has been quite challenging. had i remembered what it was like 7 years ago, i probably wouldn’t have applied this time around.

yesterday we did a team building activity with they men’s team. sailing. we drove to chicago (didn’t realize i missed it until we drove around in it…sniff sniff) and boarded small sail boats. then headed out (after some instruction) onto lake michigan. i thought it would be a more rigorous experience. perhaps it was for others. but not so much for me. i think i would have prefered the ropes course. but anyway, i was reminded of a very valuable lesson: you don’t know how hard it is to lead until you have to do it. the first person in charge of stearing the boat received a whole lot of commands from our instructor. “no, pull the rudder to you…now away…not so much, not so much!……” i sat there taking care of the jib and wondering why she was having such a hard time. our instructor finally asked if any of us others would like to try stearing. i volunteered…and then i learned. it’s no so simple. aside from the fact that stearing a boat is counterintuitive, i still don’t understand what it means to go “down” wind vs “up” etc…i needed a longer lesson with a chalkboard and diagrams.

anyway, the object of the exercise was to go around certain markers in the water and be the first back to the starting line. we did alright. i think we were the 3rd boat on the first round out of 10 boats. but i wanted more. i wanted a greater challenge. if we hadn’t had our instructor, or if he’d stop giving instructions, the challenge would have been much greater.

but i was reminded not to judge so prematurely and also to share the leadership experience…some time after, i gave the steering job over to another team member…my only regret is that i didn’t give it over sooner so that the 4 member could have had a chance. we all need to be in the hot seat at least for 5 minutes and especially when surrounded by support.

anyway, aside from sailing, there have been other lessons. i’m learning more about how to be one of the “older” girls, how to model discipline and professionalism.

God is still good…

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