Is a rock solid romance a real thing?

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Is a rock solid romance a real thing?

I was asked to speak to youth and young adults this last Saturday. Based on the quick notes I took when speaking to the organizer, the topic was:

Dating & marriage…hearing and listening to God in that process – let him lead it

Right after getting the topic, I took a few moments to figure out a possible passage of Scripture to focus this sermon and then began writing out a few ideas that popped into my mind.

This sermon was birthed in less time than I could have ever imagined. It’s not something I’m patting myself on the back for–not at all. I’m still amazed at and grateful for what I’m able to move through during this current phase of COVID-19 life. God is still good.

Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to share.

(Vertical recording was because I was doing IG live while on Zoom and just plunked my phone in this position…still figuring out this digital space…and sounding more and more like an old fuddy duddy.)

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