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pretty nice

today i had a huge moment of doubt. i was trying to take a nap when the damn broke, the wave hit, the flood of negative emotions began. i didn’t cry. i wanted to. instead i just depressed myself by thinking that i’m not hearing the voice of God properly. several things have happened over the last few months to make me think i’m missing something…it’s my own voice i’m hearing…i’m too presumptuous, too self-absorbed to hear Him.

so i pleaded for reassurance. and He gave it in a very unexpected way…He gave me the right words to say to a friend when both of us were clueless. it was a moment like the one i experienced over 15 years ago when my little brother asked, “if God and Jesus are the same then how are they different” and i quickly responded with “ask dad.” the difference tonight was that my friend couldn’t wait for “dad”–she needed and wanted an answer now. so i asked God and God answered and my friend was blessed.

He does still speak and i do still hear Him. and He wants me to be sure of that so He’ll do whatever He can to reassure me.

that’s pretty nice God, pretty nice. thanks.

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