pain produces life and i’m not sure where life’s going

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pain produces life and i’m not sure where life’s going

in an essential sermon, shot strait from the hip and into my heart, i heard truth. i wish i heard more of it regularly.

today has been weird. it began comme d’habitude….i woke up tired. slowly but surely, i got myself together, ate and all that good stuff. i made it to the week of prayer morning service at cuc…it was a blessing. then i walked out of the church and received an invitation that humbles me and also gives me a sense of honor. i won’t discuss it in detail because this isn’t one of those things to blab about. i need to think more about it and pray about it. in fact, it’s probably something i won’t ever discuss in detail until the final results are in.

after lunch i carried on with planned activities. i got materials in order for my esl class, did some more research for my encyclopedia article, ran a few errands. then it was supper time. i ate light — fruit and such. then i went to my class. it’s the first in a weekly series of conversation classes. it was fabulous. my students were so much fun and it was good to see them smiling. i love the classroom! i just hate HATE grading. and with this, there is none of that mess.

afterwards, i went to the evening meeting…another blessing. and now i’m typing away at home, knowing that i should have saved this for the morning and gone to bed right away. but no, writing can’t wait. *insert rolled eyes*

and though i’m about to carry on comme d’habitude, prep for bed then go to bed, life is no longer usual. some invitations don’t shake your foundation. they simply place you on a new one, one you’ve often thought about but never dared to dream about.

here i go…

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