old clothes

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old clothes

so i’m walking through the dorm, enjoying the comfort of my thrift store sweater when a student, probably no more than 19, says “my friend had that sweater. she wore it from 8th grade aaaaall the way to 12th.” she said it with such pride in her memory. i heard it and felt the need to throw the sweater away even though 8th grade could have just been 5 years ago for this girl. why do i want a 5-yr-old sweater? forget the fact that it’s comfortable and warm and bright and happy!!

thanks chick! now i feel really old and outdated, behind the fashion times…i might as well be wrinkly, rocking elastic waist band pants with big ugly comfort shoes from stride rite.

okay, enough melodrama…

this is why i usually buy boring clothes that have a “classic” look.

okay, back to work!

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