mad as hell

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mad as hell

i just read the side effects of aspirin. why didn’t you do that before? you may ask…well, i trust most doctors. and when you’ve experienced something as crazy as sight loss and your doctor tells you that 81 mg of aspirin per day is a good thing because it seems that your sight loss is the result of a blood clot (and resulting stroke), you take 81 mg of aspirin per day. you don’t question it; you’re scared and you want to do everything you’re told so as to prevent any more sight loss. and hey, many doctors take 81 mg per day so why should you worry?

you worry because now you’re experiencing what seems like a side effect and even though you should first go to a doctor, ask questions, get a proper diagnosis, you just want to smack a doctor, any doctor and say why don’t you tell a patient everything all the time?

but i shouldn’t get all worked up and irrational, right. i should be calm, make an appointment first thing tomorrow, right? i should just say a prayer and be hopeful, right? right?

if i die smiling, it probably won’t have anything to do with my health. i hope i don’t die angry. that’d be a shame.

don’t worry; this isn’t a death prophecy, just a mad-as-hell commentary. the next entry will be positive and won’t mention the “d” word.

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