knowing – matt 7

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knowing – matt 7

it’s easy to toss around. “stop judging me!” “I like it when ppl don’t judge me, when they just accept me for who i am.”
blah blah blah
as a former co-worker said (loose paraphrase), “stop whining about ppl judging you. sometimes you’re just wrong and that’s that!”
so here i am at 1:30 tuesday afternoon. 3 months into a new job. i’ve done a LOAD of judging. for me it’s really simple. “to form an opinion or conclusion about.” nothing wrong with that stuff. what IS wrong is when i keep going beyond a basic opinion or conclusion, when i move from, “that was unkind” to “that was unkind, he should know better, he’s clearly incompetent, he doesn’t deserve xyz.” oooo. now that’s not cool. check out my plank!
now here’s another side to the basic judgment issue, the issue of knowing.
when i discover that he or she is unkind, i’m not going to readily embrace. now my guard is up. i’m going to try to give the benefit of the doubt…perhaps there’s something else the person was dealing with that caused them to be unkind to me. i’ll try not to take it personally. but if it was really really bad and if it’s consistent, my guard is definitely up.
i refuse to act blindly. i refuse to throw pearls to pigs. using my brain is quite biblical.

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