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leads to repentance…to saying “i’m sorry,” returning the favor, extending the welcome. it’s so good yet its infrequent use seems to suggest that it’s a hidden knowledge. perhaps there’s something gnostic about it? (kidding!)

it’s probably one of my most frustrating desires. when received, i feel like gold. when desired, i feel like…like something far inferior. and yet i find it hard to give (except on my good days when all the people around me are people i like, people who haven’t yet taken the time to annoy.)

almost a month ago, i heard someone lecture on it and how Paul counsels Timothy on it. be kind. my board is reading a book that talks about it and now it’s essentially stuck in my conscious subconscious, far enough beneath the surface to not be a constant thought yet close enough to the surface to be easily accessible to my rational mind when confronted by the contrary or frustrated by the warm temps that call me outside.

be kind. be kind and be surprised. be encouraged by the gift of positive behavior. be kind and these uncharted waters won’t unsettle you so.

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