i’m reconsidering…

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i’m reconsidering…

the way i relate to sleep.

i’ve always wanted to be in the know. but i never want to have to ask. just want to be told. so when i sleep, unless there’s something in particular i want to ponder ASAP, i think of sleep as an inconvenience. why must i lie there, close my eyes, drift off into la la land? why can’t i stay awake and watch the world?

lately i’ve been getting to bed by midnight. most nights i have no good excuse. but there hasn’t been anything i’m escaping from, no reality i desire nothing more than to dismiss even if for only 7 hours. everything i want to ponder, i want to write down on paper. if i could write in my sleep, i’d sleep all day!

so i need to rethink sleep. which means rethinking how i care for my body.

my health demands my sleep. do i care to be healthy? do i care to add years to my life?

my productivity demands my sleep. how much work in one day is enough work for that day?

my vertical connection demands my sleep. i’m tired of waking up, checking the clock, then running to the shower. can we get a few moments together first?

i’m reconsidering sleep
i’m reconsidering life

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